Movement medicine for the mind

Movement Medicine For The Mind

Try answering these movement medicine questions.

Are you carrying excess weight?

Have you lost sight of what being fit feels like?

Is age taking its toll on your mobility?

Can you recognise yourself in the mirror anymore?

Is your GP talking seriously about physical health conditions?

Do you lose focus quickly?

How many yes answers did you score? More than one yes means Movement Medicine might help you.  

Or perhaps you feel too unfit to begin exercising. Or maybe you hit a sporting performance plateau and don’t know how to reach your peak again.

Either way, psychologist, Lorraine Aldridge can help. Her Movement Medicine strategies kick-start physical wellbeing to boost mental health.

What is movement medicine

What is Movement Medicine anyway?

When the body moves, it releases feel-good chemicals that the mind loves.

Unlike regular exercise, Movement Medicine can be a lighter, more gentle form of activity.

Yet, Movement Medicine is more than physical activity.

Participants learn to hack into their natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals using certain moves.

Combined with proven psychology methods, and regular practice, Mind Medicine can foster a positive and happier outlook on life.

My Movement Medicine is a whole lot of fun but challenging. However, the rewards are there for those willing to make my therapy and Mind Medicine sessions their turning point.

Combining psychology sessions with Movement Medicine may seem different at first.

Nearly all doctors, psychologists and online mental health websites stress how important exercise is for mental health.

And given that I’m also a qualified fitness instructor, making movement medicine an ‘official’ part of your counselling is natural to me.

However, you are under no obligation to partake in my Movement Medicine sessions.

Some clients prefer traditional therapy consults. And that is okay.

Whereas others say my Movement Medicine kick-starts their turning point toward a healthier, fitter and happier version of themselves.


Mental health benefits of exercise

Mental health benefits of exercise

Today exercise is an evidence-based treatment for mental health conditions.

What this means is that smart scientists took a bunch of measurements and found that physical activity improves mood, reduces mental health symptoms and increases physical health.


The tricky part for many clients is kick-starting physical activity.

Getting moving after long periods of inactivity can feel like mission impossible-especially when energy levels are low.

Benefits of Movement Medicine

I’m here to reassure you Movement Medicine can assist you to:

  • decrease symptoms of mental health conditions
  • promote sleep quality
  • help weight control
  • assist with some forms of pain management
  • improve chronic disease outcomes (e.g. type II diabetes, heart disease and more)

Don’t worry. My Movement Medicine exercise sessions won’t have you grunting in a gym or squeezing into lycra (unless that’s your thing).

Instead, you’ll be in a safe environment where moving and having fun is the focus.

Why not boost your happiness with some new moves?

I’m willing to show you how.

Lorraine Aldridge

Movement Medicine activities

Take a look at Movement Medicine in action. See how the focus is on having fun.
“Helping you move to find your better mental health groove.”

Turning Point Psychology Movement Medicine

Santa’s helpers ‘sleighing’ it.

Turning Point Psychology Movement Medicine

Fun and core strength keeps you going.

Turning Point Psychology Movement Medicine

Festive fun in Loz’s gym.

Turning Point Psychology Movement Medicine

Having fun keeps things real.

Turning Point Psychology Movement Medicine

Serious workout. Hilarious fun.

Turning Point Psychology Movement Medicine

Fitness at your own pace.

Love Your Body - Turning Point Psychology

Me too. I want some Movement Medicine happiness in my life.

My psychological counselling techniques can help you to:

  • Hack into natural feel-good chemicals
  • Exchange bad habits for good
  • Make life-long behavioural changes
  • Beat negative self-talk
  • Move your body in ‘mindful’ ways to ease mental health symptoms

Are you ready to make a ‘move’ on boosting your mental health?

Contact me, Lorraine.

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Change your habits. Change your life.

Turning Point Psychology

Turning Point Psychology
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