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Body Image And Mental Health

Do these body image comments sound familiar?

“I look fat. I am fat.”

“My clothes don’t fit me anymore. So I don’t go out.”

“It’s exhausting hiding my bulimia. I just want my life back.”

“I hide food, so I can binge when I’m home alone.”

“I hate myself. I hate my body.”

If you make comments like these, all may not be well with your body image mental health.

But there is no need to struggle alone.

Lorraine Aldridge can help.

Lorraine Aldridge Turning Point Psychology

What is body image anyway?

Body image is the thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs we hold about our bodies. Plus, body image includes how we think we look (shape, size, weight) and the way our body functions for us.

The relationship we have with our body and appearance is one of the most significant, long-lasting and complex relationships we’ll ever have.

Serious mental health issues arise when how we see ourselves  negatively impacts on our ability to enjoy life.

Are you familiar with the saying all roads lead to Rome?

In my profession, all roads lead to body image.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to have the ‘perfect’ body.

And when we perceive ourselves to be a body ‘failure’, we compensate. Some people turn to food, alcohol, sex, drugs or excessive exercise for comfort and to ease the sense of failure.

Did you know over 1 million Australians are living with an eating disorder? Many as a result of a negative body image. Even more concerning, less than one-quarter of these people receive treatment or support.

I was one of them once. So I know how challenging seeing your body in a ‘positive light’ can be.

What’s more, maintaining my positivity is something I work at every day.

My own story is in part why my psychology sessions are a blend of mind, body and movement.

One of the key foundation stones for living a happy life is having a healthy body image.

That’s why I am here to help you.

Learning to love your body is your ticket back to personal freedom.


Love your body - Turning Point Psychology

How To Fix a Negative Body Image

To undo the mental programming that leads to your poor body image will take time.

Like smoking, habitual negative thoughts about your body become addictive.

However, unlike smoking, poor body image thoughts often stem back to early childhood. Consequently, negative thinking habits present bigger challenges because those thoughts seem natural.

So the first step is to recognise the cue and identify the trigger that causes the negative image thoughts. After which you need to change your response and stop the reward.

It’s true. Negative thoughts become rewards in themselves.

Few people can break negative thought processes without professional help.

My Unique style uses psychological counselling, along with what I call Mind Health and Movement Medicine.

Don’t worry. I won’t have you regressing into a makeshift womb or chanting naked on a mountain top (unless that’s your thing).

Instead, you’ll find yourself at appointments and taking part in gentle movement medicine sessions – if you so choose.

Together we’ll explore a gentle blend of movements until we find what works best for you.

Are you ready to change the way you see yourself? Because I’m eager to help.

Lorraine Aldridge

What are body image issues?

Negative thoughts about your body can lead to mental health disorders. The most common being disordered eating. In most cases, professional counselling is the best way to deal with diagnosed eating disorders.

Disordered eating

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food?

About 1 in 7 people experience an eating disorder in their lifetime.

I understand and would love to help.

Anorexia Nervosa

Has your fear of gaining weight gone to the next level?
Are family and friends concerned you’re not eating enough?

Book for a mind and body wellbeing check. It helps to talk.

Binge-eating disorder

Can’t stop binging until you’ve eaten the whole packet?

Is your binge-eating occurring with increasing with regularity?

Let’s see if we can find out why.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Do you obsessively check your image in the mirror loathing perceived flaws in your appearance or body?
Is this behaviour impacting on your social life, family and friends?

Reach out for help now? I’m a phone call away.

Body image

Have negative thoughts about perceived flaws in your body been increasing?
Is your self-criticism starting to dominate your mind chatter?

Best to nip that in the bud early.


Wide-eyed at night?
Has your body forgotten how to sleep? Does fatigued, irritable and unable to concentrate describe you at work or home?

Seek help early.

Bulimia Nervosa

Finding yourself vomiting after every meal in secret?
Are you using laxatives or exercising incessantly?

See yourself in a new light and find food balance again.

Love Your Body - Turning Point Psychology

How can I overcome my negative feelings about my body?


Learn how to love your body.

  •  Exchange bad habits for good
  •  Make life-long changes
  • Discover mind-hacks to ease cravings
  • Move your body in new ‘mindful’ ways

I aim to show you how to love your body by changing negative self-talk programming.

Are you ready to change and discover a more confident you?

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