Breaking bad habits

Are You Struggling To Break Bad Habits?

Are you repeating bad habits you’d like to change?

Do you keep doing the same thing hoping for a different outcome?

Is obsessing over food, money, relationships or cleaning becoming a problem?

Has your need for alcohol, smoking, prescription drugs, gambling or porn taken over?

There is no need to struggle with breaking bad habits alone. Lorraine Aldridge can help

Everyone has bad habits, right?

We develop habits because they solve the problems of life with as little energy and effort as possible. But when bad habits start impacting negatively on our health or lead us into trouble with the Law, it’s time to ask for help.

Too often, we convince ourselves that changing our bad habits requires massive action (and discomfort.)

We put pressure on ourselves to make earth-shattering improvements everyone will talk about.

But think about it this way.

If you make small improvements each week by the end of 10 sessions, one month, six months or one year you’ve changed your life for the better.

My psychology sessions aim is to help you make small changes that lead to a lifetime of good habits.


Make new habits

How to replace bad habits with good

To undo bad habit mental programming, you first have to recognise the cue and identify the trigger that causes the bad habit craving. After which you need to change your response and stop the reward.

Interrupting that cycle is what makes breaking a bad habit challenging.

As a result, few people succeed at making long-term changes without professional help.

Lorraine’s three-point psychological counselling: mind, body & movement

My unique style blends psychological counselling, along with what I call body mindfulness and movement medicine.

Don’t worry. Movement medicine doesn’t mean grunting in a gym or squeezing into lycra (unless you want to).

Instead, you’ll find yourself smiling while doing physical activities your body loves.

While my sessions are often challenging in a good way, the rewards are equal to the effort you put in.

Free yourself

Can you imagine your life free from your bad habit?

All is possible when you learn to break bad habit cycles and replace them with mind, body and movement balance.

Are ready to discover a healthier, fitter you? Because I am.

Lorraine Aldridge

What Are Some Bad Habits?

People from all walks of life struggle with breaking bad habits.

The strong ones reach out for help.


Need to quit smoking, but can’t?

Attempts to quit are often unsuccessful because of withdrawal, stress, and weight gain.

If you have made a choice to quit, let’s do some work.


Alcohol the priority in your life?

Do you set daily routines by when you can have your next drink? Are family and friends saying ‘you drink too much’?

Book a mind and body wellbeing check.

Gambling | Problem gaming

Gambling fun now an unhealthy obsession?

If gambling or gaming is causing a strain on your relationships, work and finances it’s time to seek help.

Talk to me in confidence.


Sex a compulsive, excessive or self-destructive act?

If escalating patterns of sexual behaviour are causing issues for you and others, it’s time to seek professional help.

Talk to me in confidence.

Illicit substances

Occasional use now every day?

Are you saying, ‘just one more time, then I’ll quit’?

Beating addiction cravings is super challenging on your own.

Seek my help.


Wide-eyed at night?

Has your body forgotten how to sleep? Does being fatigued, irritable and unable to focus describe your working day?

Reach out.


Can’t control the compulsion to view porn?

Have you lost interest in physical sex with your partner? Are you distracted, angry, losing time and money?

Let’s work out why.

Life-work balance

Finding yourself rushing and under constant pressure?

Feel like you’re losing control because work, family and home is out of balance?

Seeking an outside perspective can help.

Sugar | Fat | Salt

Trying to cut down but the withdrawals are overwhelming?

If maintaining a stable weight is affecting your enjoyment for life, seek help.

Most people need help breaking the food reward cycle.

Change your habits

Is a bad habit causing you concern?

I aim to show you how to:

  • Exchange bad habits for good
  • Make life-long changes
  • Discover mind-hacks to ease cravings
  • Move your body in ‘mindful’ new ways

Are you ready to make changes so you can live a healthier, happier life?

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