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About Lorraine Aldridge

Hi, I’m Lorraine Aldridge – a registered psychologist.

I’ve been working both as a psychologist and a fitness instructor for over 25 years.

My motto is “Change your habits, change your life.”

Sounds so easy when I say it like that doesn’t it?

But I understand what it takes to face your truth while fearing change and being at the risk of failure.

That’s why my sessions offer a unique blend of psychological counselling mixed with body mindfulness and movement.

I aim to help you unlock both mind and body to achieve:

  • peak mental and physical health, and
  • happiness, optimism and confidence.

Lorraine Aldridge

Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Psychology (Murdoch University, Western Australia)
Master of Forensic Mental Health (Griffith University, Queensland)
Level 2 Exercise Professional – Fitness Instructor (Fitness Australia)

Current WWC (Working With Children Check – Western Australia)
Current Police Clearance Certificate

Professional Memberships

AAPI (Australian Association of Psychologists Inc.)
AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)

Lorraine Aldridge

My Story – Lorraine Aldridge

Change your habits. Change your life.


In 2013 I found myself overweight by 18kgs. Not bad, you say. The problem is, I’m only 5ft2” (158cm) tall.

Silent shame

Having high energy and working in the fitness industry is a blessing, so I laughed off my weight gain with my family and friends. Sure, I was overweight, but I was fit and happy. That’s all the matters, right?

But the truth be known, I was far from happy.

I was uncomfortable in my clothes, suffered from swelling and fluid retention, particularly when travelling or in the heat. I was always comparing myself to others.

Daily struggle

Consequently, each day was spent struggling with some form of diet and trying to limit alcohol consumption. My drinking and eating had become my sole focus.

Breaking point

Then two things happened. The first was when attending a medical check-up complaining about my hip pain and other various health ailments; the GP suggested that I should lose some weight. I got to tell you I was insulted as I believed that I was dying from some mystery illness.

Turning point

A few days later, when instructing a fitness class at a different gym, I saw a side reflection of myself. That was my turning point.


From that day forward, I took my eating habits more seriously, reduced my alcohol consumption, continued to exercise, and over a period of about four months, I dropped the weight down to 52kg, and this is where my weight tends to sit.

Break through

I can help you with your issues

So, are you ready to find your turning point, or have you found it and not sure what to do next?

Does the idea of moving past your perceived barriers appeal to you?

Do you want to live a happy life in peak mental and physical condition?

Talk to me, Lorraine Aldridge at Turning Point Psychology.

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Turning Point Psychology

Turning Point Psychology
“Change your habits. Change your life.”


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